A Casual Observer’s Thoughts on the 2014 NFL Draft

ImageDid you notice anything unusual about the NFL Draft this year ? For starters, it was in May instead of April. Of course, you know why – the NFL is trying to tighten it’s already ridiculously strong grip on American sports fans. Here are my issues with the draft. 

1. The “Analysts”. The biggest joke in pro sports is when “analysts” grade drafts the same day the draft took place. Really? You have a crystal ball? The Panthers had a bad draft this year? This is based on what? Come back in 3 years and then I’ll care what grade you give their draft. 

2. Johnny Manziel. The 22nd overall pick, to the prestigious Cleveland Browns franchise, Johnny Manziel. Nobody has ever heard of this guy, came out of nowhere! He was really good in NCAA, but I guess that doesn’t mean anything to some “analysts” who claim that his style won’t translate well to the NFL. Uh, alright, did you see those games against Alabama. He shredded the best ‘D’ in the NCAA. Oh yea, Blake Bortles and the AAC offered such better competition, he’s so more “NFL-ready”. 

3. Michael Sam – I understand the signifigance of his 7th round selection. Good for him. Seems like a really good use of a 7th round pick, SEC ‘D’ Player of the Year (co-player of the year really), in the 7th round, that could be a steal. It just goes to show, if a pin drops in the NFL it’s 24/7 coverage. There were a lot of feel good stories that didn’t involve Michael Sam this year that deserved some press coverage.

Other Opinions : There were a lot of good WR’s in the draft I guess since there were 5 taken in the 1st round. Sammy Watkins must be really good and it’s nice to see the Bills pick up an exciting offensive player, not to mention he and Spiller are each from Clemson, so that’s cool. Manuel is a former ACC star too, as is Mario Williams. 

There were no RB’s taken in the 1st round, again. Understandable, but I feel for the RB’s, they take the hits and then are treated like they’re so replaceable.

No University of Texas players were taken. That hasn’t happened since 1937. That’s crazy! And Texas Tech had 3 players taken in the 1st round. Ouch, bet that’ll be brought up a few times in recruiting. But seriously, how much does that school spend on football, and Buffalo had more players drafted than them. 

I know I said there was too much attention on Manziel, but I’m interested in seeing what he does at this level too. If Josh Gordon, who I think is the best WR in football along with Calvin Johnson, is out for the season because of a suspension, that’ll be rough. The Browns needed Manziel, so did the Jags. If you don’t think star power matters than you don’t understand that pro sports are a business.

Image Source : BleacherReport  


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