An Open Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook, I am writing this blog post knowing that you will probably not implement my recommendation, but I strongly feel that this should be brought to your attention. I just need to point it out ! 

The issue is : I think your brand’s name is not entirely accurate and actually somewhat misleading. Of course, you’ve built a multi-billion dollar business with the name “Facebook”, so I don’t expect any real re-branding efforts, but I just thought the name should be more reflective of the service offered. Here it is : Instead of Facebook (the social network), how about Adbook (the advertising directory).

Think about it. What does Facebook sell ? Advertising. The whole ‘social’ aspect is simply a guise for easing users into the information exchange program. Take for example, the “like” button. You tell users to let their ‘friends’ know their favorite shows and where they like to eat, etc. But really, you just want to know that they watch Modern Family and eat at Applebee’s so you can serve them ads for Applebee’s, Chilli’s and Olive Garden.

Let’s be honest, your ‘friends’ know how old you are and I hope they know what city you live in. I mean, if they didn’t, are they really your friend ? Again though : the whole concept of Adbook is to harness as much information as you can about as many users as you can, so you definitely want to know key data points like age and location. Let’s not stop there though. With Adbook you have an opportunity to track users everywhere they go by introducing a mobile app. You can ask users to say where they are and who they’re with. Think about that – “Hey, are you at the mall?” – Bam, 10% off Orange Julius. And, since you’re already at the mall, here’s a few more ads you might want to see.

The one big problem : the name Facebook. Let’s be transparent and let the businesses and advertisers know what you really do, collect information, package it and sell it to advertisers. Adbook : the Advertising Directory !



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