Hockey Prospects : Elite 98’s in the USHL

The youngest players in the best Jr. hockey league in the United States. 

D Derek Daschke – Cedar Rapids – MI   (WESTERN MICHIGAN)
Oakland Jr. Grizzlies U-16

F Hugh McGing – Cedar Rapids – IL   (WESTERN MICHIGAN)
Chicago Mission U-16

D Nick McKeeby – Des Moines – MI   (WESTERN MICHIGAN)
Detroit Honeybaked U-16

F William Knierim – Dubuque – IL     (MIAMI)
Chicago Mission U-16

F Joshua Dunne – Green Bay – MO
St. Louis Blues U-16

Joshua Dunne
Joshua Dunne

D Brian Hurley – Fargo – MN (no longer with team)
St. Thomas Academy (MN)

D Carver Watson – Madison – WI
Appleton United (WI)

D Mitch Eliot – Muskegon – MI    (MICHIGAN STATE)
Honeybaked U-16

F Dante Palecco – Muskegon – NJ  (YALE)
Long Island Gulls U-16

G Mike Latorella – Muskegon – MI  (OHIO STATE)
Detroit Honeybaked U-18

D Jake Ryczek – Sioux City – MA  (UNH)
Selects Academy U-16

F Hank Crone – Omaha – TX   (BOSTON UNIVERSITY)
Dallas Stars U-16 

F Kieffer Bellows – Sioux Falls – MN  (BOSTON UNIVERSITY)
Edina HS (MN)

D Ty Farmer – Youngstown – MO    (MICHIGAN STATE)
St.Louis Blues U-16

D Sam Rossini – Waterloo – MN    (MINNESOTA)
Burnsville HS (MN)


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