Google AdWords – Improving Relevancy

Google AdWords tips from Carl De Lucia on the marketing blog. 

One Keyword Ad Groups

A major obstruction to AdWords performance is when people decide to bundle 20-30 keywords in a one ad group. Usually people do this because the keywords share a theme, or they are similar. Google actually recommends that you do this. However, Google recommends a lot of things in AdWords that will absolutely be detrimental to your campaign. In this case though, too many keywords means it’s going to be challenging for you to match your keywords to your ads. And that could lower your overall ranking. If you have 30 keywords in one ad group, you should have 5-10 ads set up for that same ad group. Your ad is more likely to show up higher when the keyword matches the ad text. In search marketing, the slightest difference in ad text could mean the difference between somebody clicking your ad, or your competitor’s ad. 

What’s more is that when you have a super profitable keyword, one that is driving a ton of ROI, you want to direct as much money to that keyword as you can. So, why would you have an ad group with 30 keywords in it when you have one keyword that is out-performing the rest? Those dollars that are going toward those “meh” keywords could be going toward profitable keywords that actually work for you.

When you have an ad group with only one keyword, your ads are specific, your ad score goes up, your CTR increases and Google will show your ad more often because they know that you are providing what their users are looking for. 


Utilizing Dynamic Keywords

Just as your ads should match your keywords, so should your landing page. That means you will have to design a landing page for every keyword. That’s a lot of landing pages. Luckily, I’m kidding! You only have to build one landing page. 

AdWords has what is called dynamic keyword insertion where you can essentially take the text on your landing page and change it with what you specify in the custom URL parameters. This will give you the ability to create a landing page focused on a theme and then change the text on the page so that it’s customized to fit the user’s query. 

This shows Google that your landing page is relevant, which again will increase your scores in AdWords, because as you know, higher relevancy means higher CTR. 

If you implement these strategies your ads will become more relevant to your leads and will result in increased ROI. 





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