Boston University’s National Championship Team

(F) Colin Wilson (SO) 291 NHL GP.
(F) Nick Bonino (SO) 189 NHL GP.
(F) Chris Higgins (SR) AHL / GERMANY.
(F) Brandon Yip (SR) 174 NHL GP.
(F) Jason Lawrence (SR) ECHL / GERMANY / RETIRED.
(D) Matt Gilroy (SR) “C” 225 NHL GP. KHL.
(D) Colby Cohen (SO) 3 NHL GP. AHL.
(F) Chris Connolly (FR) Finland / Germany / SWEDEN.
(F) John McCarthy (SR) “C” 87 NHL GP. AHL.
(D) Kevin Shattenkirk (SO) 282 NHL GP.
(D) David Warofsky (FR) 6 NHL GP. AHL.
(F) Zach Cohen (JR) AHL / ECHL / RETIRED.
(F) Vinny Saporani (FR) ECHL / AHL.
(F) Luke Popko (JR) ECHL / CHL / RETIRED.
(F) Corey Trivino (FR) ECHL / AHL / ECHL.
(F) Joe Pereira (SR) AHL / ECHL / RETIRED.
(D) Brian Strait (JR) “A” 78 NHL GP.
(D) Eric Gryba (JR) 90 NHL GP.
(F) Andrew Glass (FR) No Pro Hockey / RETIRED.
(G) Kieran Milan (FR) ECHL / CHL.
(G) Grant Rollheiser (FR) ECHL / CHL / RETIRED.
(G) Adam Kraus (SO) No Pro Hockey / RETIRED.
(F) Victor Saponari (SO) No Pro Hockey / RETIRED.
(F) Ross Gaudet (FR) No Pro Hockey / RETIRED.
(F) Steve Smolinsky (SR) No Pro Hockey / RETIRED.
(D) Ryan Ruikka (FR) No Pro Hockey / RETIRED.

A pair of 89′s – Colin Wilson (CT) and Kevin Shattenkirk (NY) were sophomores on this team. Each came to Boston University from the USNTDP and each was a high NHL draft selection. Wilson, who was only 18 years old, was the team’s leading scorer.  It’s somewhat surprising to look back and see that another 89′ Colby Cohen (PA) actually had better offensive statistics than Shattenkirk.

Wilson and Bonino were the best offensive players on the team, but Jason Lawrence actually lead the team in goals with 25. Brandon Yip was next with 20.

Another strong point for this team was the defense lead by Matt Gilroy and Brian Strait. Cohen and Shattenkirk were provided offense, but Strait “A”and Gilroy “C” were the leaders of this team. Each of the top six defensemen on the roster has played in the NHL. (Cohen, Gilroy, Gryba, Strait, Warofsky, Shattenkirk).

The goaltenders were each freshman in Kieran Milan and Grant Rollheiser (each 89′). Grant Rollheiser was actually recruited to assume the starting role and was a Toronto Maple Leafs draft selection, but Kieran Milan took over about halfway through the season. Milan played 35 games that year and had an amazing 29-2-3 record.

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