Creating a Successful YouTube Campaign in Google Ads.

There’s no magic formula for a successful YouTube ad campaign.

But there are some tried and true strategies that have worked for other businesses in the past.

Implementing some of these best practices should result in improved ad performances across the board.

1. Create a Dynamic Channel.

A successful campaign starts with your YouTube Channel.

As a content hub for your business, your channel should create an experience of your brand that goes beyond advertising.

Product demonstration videos, product review videos, videos tackling FAQ’s from your site, and behind-the-scenes videos are just a few examples of the type of content you can host on your YouTube channel.

In addition to deepening consumers’ engagement with your brand after they’re first exposed to it through your ads, your channel also serves to reinforce brand loyalty among previous purchasers who find it through organic search.

To ensure your channel is creating the best possible impression of your business, make sure it is well organized and has genuinely useful information about your business as well as appealing imagery.

2. Use Remarketing to re-engage with customers.

You can remarket to YouTube Ads audience with either additional YouTube Ads or Display Ads.

These people who are already familiar with your brand and products are more likely to re-engage with your ads than those who haven’t come across your YouTube content.

The people you are remarketing to may have watched a few of your product demonstration videos, looking for the right product for them.

By giving them a reminder of your business through remarketing, it may be all the push they need to go to your site and make a purchase.

3. Continue to Look for ways to optimize performance.

Managing a successful Google Ads account requires continuous attention.

When looking for ways to increase performance, optimize your targeting before optimizing the ad content.

You should constantly look for additional audience layers that you can bid up on using search or display campaigns.

By testing multiple audiences or targeting parameters, you can figure out what drives the most engagement.

And consider testing multiple ad formats as well.

For example, maybe your original ad did better with men, so you could create a new ad either focused even more so on men, or alternatively create a new one to better target women.

Don’t treat YouTube Ads and Search Ads the same way, especially since people online don’t.

Users don’t come to YouTube to watch a video, see an ad, and then immediately click off to go buy something.