Effective Social Management Tools

Effective Social Management Tools

Bulk Scheduler

Having an arsenal of engaging content goes a long way toward a successful social media strategy. Once you have created content to share with your audience, you have to devise a plan for the best times to do so. In order to save yourself time, it’s wise to plan for the week ahead. Hootsuite’s Bulk Scheduler feature allows you to upload spreadsheets with up to 350 messages for your social media networks. If you’re too busy to work on a spreadsheet, the Hootsuite’s HootBulk tool simplifies the process further—just fill out the forms for date, time, and message and you’re ready to rock.


Finding influencers in your network is important, but what about the rest of your followers? I use SocialBro to help find out more about my audience.

Another part of your network you shouldn’t ignore is your competitors. Getting the skinny on what the competing brands are up to can take a lot of research, but SocialBro can save you time by running an analysis between your brand’s account and competing accounts using an “Accounts comparison tool.”


Once you’ve scheduled a week’s worth of interesting social content, the next step is increasing the reach of your posts. The best way to do this is by identifying your brand’s influencers, or users in your network with the highest activity and popularity rates. Twtrland can help social managers find highest-ranking Twitter users in three different categories. You can also search influencers by skill: for example, you can search for influencers in social media management by combining “social media management,” “SEO,” categories.


An essential aspect of your brand’s social presence is the ability to interact with followers in real time. With Zendesk, you can manage all help requests in one place, including those coming from social channels, the app creates “twickets” from Twitter and tickets from Facebook posts. The tickets can then be given a title and a priority level, and are assigned to a group or an individual member of your support team.

Hootsuite Campaigns

In all likelihood, interaction with your followers on social media won’t only revolve around problem-solving. Give your followers more reasons to follow you on social —reward them with a social media-exclusive campaign. As with most things, there’s an app for that:Hootsuite Campaigns, the latest Hootsuite product. This tool guides users through several steps to successful creation of contests and sweepstakes.

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