CDD: Google Ads Case Study

AdWords Management Case Study: The Niche Client with Competition


An industrial client with a niche product was internally managing an AdWords Pay-Per-Click advertising account for about a year. They were early adopters in AdWords for their industry and had experienced success with their advertising.


Their competition began utilizing AdWords in increasing volume  and our client began experiencing lower ad positions and higher competition for key phrases. Their account was becoming a lot more expensive and returning less on their AdWords investment.


CDD rebuilt the client’s Ads campaign from the ground up. The campaign was split into meaningful ad groups that were each set to target specific demographics. Each ad group used dynamic targeted ads that were specifically written for the audiences within each group.

Delivering Measurable Results



We improved the targeting in this campaign so that the the ads were shown to a more-relevant audience, which actually decreased impressions. With 11% fewer impressions, the AdWords campaign has resulted in 20% more clicks with 49% more site visits and at a CPC that was 36% lower than it was when we took on the account.