Google AdWords Notes Are Here

Carl De Lucia gives a guide on how to take notes in AdWords. 

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Here’s how you can add notes in Google AdWords:

Jump into an account, campaign, or ad group chart, click on the date where you would like to enter a note, then select ‘Add Note’.

From there you will be presented with a note entry dialog box. In some instances, based on where you are within the account, there will be information on which level and account the note is going to be applied to.

When you have notes captured in your accounts, you can review them by clicking on the square note indicator, which will appear just below the graph. You can continue to then add additional notes or choose to review all of your notes. From the ‘See All Notes’ option, you can see who created the specific notes and edit or delete as you see fit.

As a long time pay per click advertiser, I’m excited and definitely looking forward to utilizing this new note taking feature in my client’s AdWords accounts. We can now indicate directly in the new AdWords UI when certain optimizations happened, reasons we saw a fluctuation in performance, and more.

If you have any questions about setting up an AdWords account, or optimizing your current account, reach out to me today.