Leveraging Google+ for Small and Mid Sized Business Owners

Google+ isn’t just another social network. Rather, it acts as a layer on top of the rest of Google’s online services. Yes, it’s true that in it’s early days Google+ was mainly for technologists and programmers, but that’s evolved. Now Google+ attracts a broad range of Google users who are actively sharing photos, playing games and more importantly to you, the business owner, following their interests. Here’s how you can leverage Google+ into a platform to attract an audience, stay in touch with customers and engage others in your business community.

Business Intelligence & Networking
Think about what you want to achieve with Google+. Maybe you want to use it to stay current on the latest technologies and market trends. Once you’ve established a presence on the network by sharing and perhaps creating some relevant content, you’ll likely find yourself invited to events and given an opportunity to be more involved in your industry.

Building Your Presence
Once you’ve established a brand identity on Google+, set up a Google Page. These are essentially the same as a Facebook Brand Page with one key difference. Instead of your posts being available to only the people who follow your page, they are available to anybody who uses Google to search for key words and phrases on your Google Page. What’s more, Google+ users tend to be freer with their follows because the organization that “circles” provide. They can keep their stream organized, rather than being swamped with messages and stories from hundreds of pages they follow (some users follow as many as 5,000 companies).

Promoting External Sites
Incorporating the +1 button into your website gives you the ability to bring traffic in from the web. It’s basically the “like” button on Facebook, for Google+. You can drive traffic from Google+ to your website, or from your website to Google+. And there’s another benefit, links from Google+ to your site will boost your SEO efforts. However, don’t try to game the system, Google is really good at knowing when your trying to do that.

Google Hangouts
Hangouts are a key feature of Google+. Hangouts are a built-in video conferencing tool that uses clever algorithms to enhance sounds and move between attendees as they speak. Hangouts are limited to ten participants, but then again, you can reach an unlimited audience with Hangouts On Air. This feature lets you host your own broadcast show and post it straight to YouTube. You can create a presentation, edit it, and then post it to YouTube. This is an extremely powerful tool, not only for marketing, but also for training, support and education. Why pay for video-conferencing when you could just use Google+ Hangouts ? On top of that, your activity is integrated into the social network and lives there, meaning anybody who searches for relevant terms will have the opportunity to see your Hangout. If your Hangout is really offering some valuable information that you think an audience might want to pay for, you can charge a fee.

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