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Pinterest is ramping up its e-commerce model with the new Gifts Feed feature. The new feed will showcase products that are available and displays important details like price, stock and where the products can be bought online. If you’re a marketer and want to show up in this stream you must be using Rich Pins.

Facebook and Twitter edited design formats this Spring. Twitter looks a little like Facebook now with the larger profile picture and background image, but there’s also new functionality like “pinned” which highlights what you consider your “best tweets”.

Speaking of Facebook, the world’s largest social network (total users) has introduced a new Anonymous Login feature that lets users sign on to apps with their Facebook credentials and test them without sharing any of their personal data. The feature is currently being tested and should be available to every user in the coming months.

SnapChat users can text now. Simply titled Chat, the feature lets users communicate through a private screen through a traditional text format and content saved in your phone like video clips and pictures. Some brands have already started interacting with audiences using this feature.

Google+ users can see just how popular they are on the network that’s to a new view count report. This feature will show users the number of times their content was seen by followers tracing back to October of 2012. Users who do not want to reveal this information can opt out and hide it from their page.

Speaking of popularity on social media – Klout has introduced its new iOS app that will unify the mobile and desktop user experience. The app has a personalized content stream for users based on the activity of friends and followers. The content can be shared or supplemented with original images.

Mobile advertising is up 105% since 2013 and 75% of those dollars are going to Google and Facebook. eMarketer predicts that Google’s advertising market share will drop below 50% this year, but that Facebook will continue to rise. Mobile advertising accounted for 53% of Facebook’s revenue in 2013.

Instagram is getting personal with the Explore tab on the picture sharing app. Users can discover more than just what’s popular, they’ve worked on incorporating personalized content that is tailored to the user’s preferences and could also be beneficial for brands looking for a more relevant audience.

Foursquare is separating business into two apps. One is just reviews and another is going to be called Swarm. Users on this new network can share what they’re up toand see if any of their friends want to hang out. Swarm is supposedly going to be available for iOS and Android devices. The original Foursquare app is also getting an update with more personalized search options.


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