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CDD Case Study: Google Ads for Mortgages

CDD Case Study: Solidify Mortgage Search and Display Campaign Google Ads case study illustrating the successes achieved for a mortgage loan originator utilizing the Google Ads platform. Who are they? Solidify Mortgage Is a Mortgage Loan Origination company that does home loan purchases and refinancing in California. They have offices in Carlsbad and San Ramon…

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How to Blog for SEO

If you’re already creating content for your blog and are looking to maximize your efforts, this article is for you. Optimizing your content prior to posting will clarify to search engines what it’s about, and that’s the foundation to optimizing your search engine presence. If you have a strong SEO presence, Google and the other search networks will display your content in results for relevant search queries more frequently, which will drive more traffic to your website.

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Campaigns for Phone Calls in Google AdWords

Call-Specific Campaigns in Google AdWords

These campaigns give you the ability to create search ads where Google shows your phone number rather than a tagline. As such, they only show on mobile devices that you can call from. A shopper clicks on your ad, which starts the process of calling your business directly from their device, rather than taking them to your site.

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