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Should We Outsource PPC Management?

Should You Outsource AdWords Management? Google AdWords and PPC Management Looking for Advice on Enhancing Your Digital Marketing? Contact Us Today. Today every business has to decide what they’re going to do about digital marketing. Digital marketing, namely Google AdWords, is huge and it’s not going away. Think about this, Google did $110 billion in…

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Digital Marketing: Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google AdWords, the marketing program that represents 99% of Alphabet’s profits has a new go-to search advertising format: Google Shopping. Google Shopping is now 53% of overall paid search clicks and 75% of non-branded clicks. (Merkle 2017 Q2 Digital Marketing)

Google Shopping ads are crushing it for two big reasons. Reason one is that they reach consumers lower in the purchase funnel. These are shoppers who already know what they want and are looking to purchase it soon, as in within minutes. Reason two is that they are actually cheaper than regular search text ads.

New York State Hockey Prospects List - Carl De Lucia

New York State Hockey : 98’s, 99’s, 00’s, 01’s, 02’s, 03’s

New York State : 98’s, 99’s, 00’s. Top Players List on Carl

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The Two Types of Landing Pages

An Introduction to Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential component of many digital marketing campaigns. In fact, there are some marketers who believe that you shouldn’t run any campaigns without a customized landing page.  Here are the fundamentals of a successful landing page.

Carl De Lucia Google AdWords Digital Marketing

Real Estate Developers: Boosting Occupancy and Building Leads Through Digital Marketing

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If you are a property owner and vacancies are high, one of the things I advise doing is re-evaluating your digital strategy. What I mean by digital strategy is your sales funnel, the way you are generating leads online.…

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