Working With a Marketing Service Provider

A marketing service provider (MSP) supplies professional services, system integration, creative services and application services to organizations. MSP’s competencies range from customer data integration (CDI) and data analysis, to prospecting and campaign management.

Over the last two years (2012-2014) CMO’s have begun to dedicate more resources to marketing innovation. Part of that process means leaning on outside agencies to provide expertise, fresh insight and improve the processes in place through innovative techniques. Marketing has evolved to the point where organizations today need technology in place that helps them create, manage, and measure their marketing efforts.

One of the biggest “buzzwords” these days is digital, as in digital marketing. What exactly does digital marketing mean? It primarily refers to social, mobile and customer relationship management (CRM). Since 2009 companies have spent $50 billion on these “digital” marketing tactics. In 2009 these were new strategies, in 2014 this is marketing. Large enterprises know this, small and mid-sized businesses often don’t. The missing link is a partner like Marketing Wiz, that can help you implement modern marketing strategies, manage the software that runs it, and measure the effectiveness.

Modern technology, social media, big data, these are more than “buzzwords” for marketers. Marketing five years ago and marketing today are totally different, you don’t need to be Microsoft or GE to stay current. If you’re using the same marketing strategy you were using in 2009, you need to re-evaluate the direction of your enterprise. Talk to a marketing service provider today and connect your business with the 21st century consumer.

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