Google Ads Case Study: A National Machine Parts Retailer 

The Challenge

Select Equipment is the premier online provider of MCC equipment and replacement parts. Their online store offers customers top-quality products and services to get the job done right. With growing competition and increasing consumer choice, Select needed a new way to reach more potential customers and not get lost in the crowd.

The Approach

To help Select Equipment tap into the value of each individual product, we set up new, highly-segmented Shopping Ads. After seeing strong results from this campaign structure, our team was able to increase and decrease bids based on the success of specific items. This helped Select Equipment show ads to potential customers at the precise moment when they were making their purchase decision.

Specific Strategies We Implemented

  • Product Bid Segmentation
  • Target RoAS Shopping Campaigns
  • Gmail Remarketing
  • Customer List Targeting for Search
  • Remarketing for Display Campaigns
  • Bid Strategy Experiments
  • Dynamic Search Campaigns
  • In-Market Audiences
  • Customer Match

The Results

By optimizing for return on ad spend (ROAS), our team helped Select Equipment stay on top of a competitive market and spark new customer interest in their products. The Google Ads campaigns we created helped Select Equipment increase ROAS by 41% and drive 35% more traffic to their site. Additionally, our strategy to separately bid for higher-priced items led to a 26% increase in average order value compared to the previous year. These increases in revenue all occurred while click spend dropped by 2%.

44% – Higher return on ad spend

38% – Increase in traffic

28% – Higher average order value


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