Google Ads Case Study: Solidify Mortgage

Search and Display Campaign

CDD Small Business Digital Ads Management 

Google Ads case study illustrating the successes achieved for a mortgage loan originator utilizing the Google Ads platform.

Who are they?

Solidify Mortgage Is a Mortgage Loan Origination company that does home loan purchases and refinancing in California. They have offices in Carlsbad and San Ramon California and do a lot of business in San Francisco and San Diego.

What were their objectives?

San Diego is home to one of the largest military bases in the United States. Solidify came to CDD with the goal of acquiring more mortgage leads, specifically for military home loans and refinances.

The marketing manager at Solidify had tried using Google Ads to generate leads, but had little success. The cost per lead acquisition was above $200 and they were getting a lot of irrelevant traffic to the website that bounced. Essentially, they were wasting money and ready to give up.

What did we do?

CDD re-engineered Solidify’s paid search and display campaigns. There were several targeting features that Solidify was not taking advantage of and there were so many irrelevant keywords that the relevant keywords didn’t have a chance to show. The click through rate (CTR) of the ads were only 0.62%. And when searchers were clicking, they were coming from terms like “homes for sale” and “realtors in my area”, maybe that’s alright for a realtor, but not ideal for a loan originator.

CDD adjusted the campaigns by utilizing different match types for different keywords, blocking out irrelevant keywords and phrases, using dynamic targeting as well as dynamic ads and adjusting bids to take advantage of keywords that had proven to be effective.

What were the results?

Instead of getting bounces and wasting ad dollars on useless search terms, Solidify generated 189 leads in four weeks.

Week Impressions Clicks Leads Cost Per Lead
Week 1 6,142 156 23 $92.14
Week 2 8,234 189 32 $71.42
Week 3 10,252 212 62 $42.19
Week 4 14,142 242 72 $16.42

Out of the 189 leads during this 4-week span, 23 became funded mortgage loans. Those 23 mortgage loads were worth a total of $9,039,422. Solidify profited $92,132.44 from an ad spend of $3,400.

In 30 days Solidify went from giving up on Google Ads to earning $92,132.44 from a $3,400 investment.  


Case Study: AdWords and The Niche Client with Competition


An industrial client with a niche product was internally managing an AdWords Pay-Per-Click advertising account for about a year. They were early adopters in AdWords for their industry and had experienced success with their advertising.


Their competition began utilizing AdWords in increasing volume  and our client began experiencing lower ad positions and higher competition for key phrases. Their account was becoming a lot more expensive and returning less on their AdWords investment.


CDD rebuilt the client’s Ads campaign from the ground up. The campaign was split into meaningful ad groups that were each set to target specific demographics. Each ad group used dynamic targeted ads that were specifically written for the audiences within each group.

Delivering Measurable Results


We improved the targeting in this campaign so that the the ads were shown to a more-relevant audience, which actually decreased impressions. With 11% fewer impressions, the AdWords campaign has resulted in 20% more clicks with 49% more site visits and at a CPC that was 36% lower than it was when we took on the account.

Case Study: Google Search, Shopping & Display for an E-Commerce Client

This e commerce client is recognized in top consumer titles Reveal, Heat and Cosmopolitan magazines in the annual shopping awards and gets editorial support from many of the leading fashion titles for their online shopping selection.

Since they launched in 2009, their in-house design team has consistently created directional collections which not only combine incredible value but also cutting edge style. Hundreds of new pieces are uploaded weekly, along with stylists’ recommendations, available with next day with international delivery available, bringing the latest fashion direct to the consumer’s door. Today they supply to shoppers in over 40 countries worldwide.

Google Ads Success

The client came to CDD following running their own PPC campaigns for 14 months and seeing bland results (PPC revenue had fallen by 11% YOY). They knew their product was being searched, but could not capture those shoppers online and they knew their competitors were having success from their PPC traffic.

What they wanted was simple: an improvement in ROI and to demonstrate consistent revenue growth to move towards becoming a dominant e-commerce player in this space.

We began with a full audit of the account, slimming the ad groups and focussing our targeting on the keywords we knew were highly likely to result in a sale. Then we built the account back up within an extremely tight structure that was conducive to improving ad score and increased relevance between search term, keyword, ad, and the landing page.

As this client’s business grew, our strategy shifted. We expanded the campaigns to cover different product categories. We also extended the campaigns internationally as the client’s reach increased.

The client consistently saw strong growth in revenue and ROI. High level analysis lead to improvements in use of budget. We looked at attribution modeling to set separate targets for high assisting keywords. We utilized mathematical models to determine bid adjustments for day parting, location, and device.

Our main focus was on increasing the profitability and we consistently tested different ads, and the resultant revenue to determine which levels would maximize profits and ultimately increase market share.

Following two years management the non-brand revenue was over 7 times higher than at the start of the project, with ROI more than 3 times as high.

Case Study #2: Local Contractor

A local contractor contacted us to help increase traffic to their website. Instead of linking PPC ads to their listings in a directory page, their objective was to send traffic to a customized landing page using targeted keywords.

They also incorporated SEO into their marketing plan by using CDD to optimize product pages and create improved landing pages with contact forms. 

Paid search led to a goal completion rate of more than 14% while completions from organic search reached 5.25%. The lesson here is that you can have great a great PPC strategy and a great website, but if your landing pages are only so-so, you will only have a so-so campaign.

Carl De Lucia PPC Google AdWords Leader

Combined, this local contractor experienced a 325% increase in traffic to their website, and their goal of obtaining qualified leads was achieved. By the 30th day of their campaign, our client had 105 leads at a cost of $7.47 per lead. The projects they won through PPC advertising were worth an estimated $37,400.00. The client spent $674.35 on their AdWords account. That’s some serious ROI. If you aren’t seeing ROI from your AdWords campaigns, it’s not your brand, it’s your PPC / SEO strategy.

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