CDD Google Ads Case Study: Leads for A Local Psychiatrist

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The client, a local psychiatrist, approached CDD as their cost per lead was rising and their monthly sales were declining due to an unorganized Google Ads campaign. CDD took on the project and completely revamped the campaign to improve its efficiency and generate leads.

The Project

The previous campaign structure was unorganized and broad, leading to a cost per lead ranging from $60-$80, which was unsustainable. CDD decided to rebuild all campaigns from the ground up, focusing on specific treatment types that the client offered and creating new search campaigns, each with a unique landing page.  

Results After 6 Months

The efforts paid off, as CDD was able to reduce the cost per lead by 52% and see a 70% increase in cost per click. Over 9 months, the campaign generated 264 new leads, seeing a 47.9% decrease in cost per lead compared to when CDD took over the account. There was also a 56.4% increase in the number of leads generated in an average month and a 70.9% increase in the lead rate across all campaigns.

How CDD Achieved The Results

CDD’s success in this campaign can be attributed to its focus on rebuilding the campaign from the ground up and constantly testing variables, such as ad copy variations, landing page designs, and geographic targeting. Custom landing pages were an essential factor that helped boost the closing rate to higher levels than what was being seen on the main website.


Through CDD’s hard work and structural improvements, the local psychiatrist was able to generate over 4,000 new business leads and achieve significant positive results, with a steady reduction in the cost per lead (excluding the lockdown period) and an increase in closing rate and sales. The campaign became a lead generation machine, generating invaluable leads for the clinic.