TrueView for Action ads on YouTube

Google has announced a new format for YouTube TrueView video ads on called TrueView for action.

With TrueView for Action, advertisers can display a call-to-action banner at the footer of the video content during and at the end. The branded banner can be tailored to a specific action goal such as “Buy now,” or “Get a free quote”.


This new ad format follows other goal-driven TrueView formats, such as TrueView for Shopping. This type of ad is designed to move video advertising on YouTube beyond general branding and provide a captivating one-liner that brings traffic back to the website.

Google says they will be testing TrueView for action ads throughout the year. A Google spokesperson says the reporting and user experience are currently being optimized, and the aim is to provide an  updated format that will be available globally.


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Carl De Lucia 


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