CDD Case Study:

Since launching in 2009, the in-house design team has consistently created directional collections which not only combine incredible value but also cutting edge style. Hundreds of new pieces are uploaded weekly, along with stylists’ recommendations, available with next day with international delivery available, bringing the latest fashion direct to the consumer’s door. They now supply to shoppers in over 80 countries worldwide.

This client is recognized in top consumer titles Reveal, Heat and Cosmopolitan magazines in the annual shopping awards and gets editorial support from many of the leading fashion titles.

Google Ads Success

The client came to CDD following running their own PPC campaigns for 14 months and seeing bland results (PPC revenue had fallen by 11% YOY). They knew their product was a strong seller but could not replicate those results online and they knew their competitors were having success from their PPC traffic.

What they wanted was simple: an improvement in ROI and to demonstrate consistent revenue growth to move towards becoming a dominant e-commerce player in this space.

We began with a full audit of the account, slimming the ad groups and focussing our targeting on the keywords we knew were highly likely to result in a sale. Then we built the account back up within an extremely tight structure that was conducive to improving ad score and increased relevance between search term, keyword, ad, and the landing page.

As this client’s business grew, our strategy shifted. We expanded the campaigns to cover different product categories. We also extended the campaigns internationally as the client’s reach increased.

The client consistently saw strong growth in revenue and ROI. High level analysis lead to improvements in use of budget. We looked at attribution modeling to set separate targets for high assisting keywords. We utilized mathematical models to determine bid adjustments for day parting, location, and device. Our main focus was on increasing the profitability and we consistently tested different ads, and the resultant revenue to determine which levels would maximize profits and ultimately increase market share.

Following two years management the non-brand revenue was over 7 times higher than at the start of the project, with ROI more than 3 times as high.