A prominent national asset management firm tasked CDD to assist in the launch of their Google Ads and SEO program. The team quickly laid out a plan that included conducting keyword and market research as a launch point. This approach allowed the firm to understand the latest trends in keyword searches and tailor their content to their audience. To set expectations CDD provided projections and assisted in defining a starting Ads budget. The team understood the importance of maximizing results on the initial budget to clearly show the new channel’s value.

The financial services industry includes some of the highest CPC (Cost Per Click) rates out of any industry on the Ads platform. This emphasized the need to be narrow in our targeting due to the high level of competition in the industry. 


As the discovery phase kicked off, CDD met with the asset management client for a deep dive into the company’s strategic goals, objectives and expectations. To assist in the process, CDD presented the client with a competitor analysis report that included ad tactics, budgets used, creatives (ads) and messaging. 

CDD then developed a comprehensive plan for both SEO and Google and presented the findings to the client’s marketing team. This began a collaborative approach to trim, select, and group keywords that aligned with the firm’s strategic goals. CDD also provided research and recommendations around retargeting strategies, content, and audience criteria.

Tracking Results 

The firm was using Google Analytics to track their website, not G4, the new Analytics platform that is recommended by Google currently. (If you’re using Google Analytics in 2023, you should be migrating to G4). To avoid any disruptions to year-over-year analytics and reporting, we set up the client’s new GA4 account. We created specific goals that we could track (Calls, Form Fills, Email Sign Ups). 

Google Ads

The research and Google Ads account set up was a 6–8-day process that resulted in a comprehensive set of keywords. This research helped shape ad content. The Google Ads strategy positioned the client to perform well in the highly competitive financial services advertising landscape.

The data provided estimates for more than five potential campaign scenarios. The scenarios varied in audience intent levels, volume of searches and average CPC. As a result, each had unique estimated CPL (Cost Per Lead). At its maximum, the estimates assumed that the ad account could run at $1,700 lower than the client’s original budget and bring in an estimated 36 targeted leads per month.

CDD is recognized By Google As a Premier Google Ads Partner. 

About Us 

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