Is Your Brand Prepared for a Mobile World?


Carl De LuciaWhen people talk about mobile search, one of the main things that comes to mind is location, location and location. Since mobile phones are… well, mobile, these devices open up opportunities to target consumers who may otherwise have be hard to reach.


You can also use a lot of  lists to be more specific about exactly who you might want to bid on (previous purchasers) or just to bid higher on those people, even if bidding on a broader group. Mobile phones offer a unique opportunity to engage consumers in-store.  82 percent of smartphone users consult their phones while deciding what to buy (Google) . Keep that in mind as you build mobile content — ensure that the content is strongly worded and that in-store offers are present, in addition to online offers.

Tracking on Mobile

According to a Google/IAB study titled Our Mobile Planet, 40 percent of consumers who do research on a smartphone will later go on to purchase on a desktop. Not only does this place an emphasis on showing up — being there to grab consumers as they enter the funnel — it also underscores the importance of tracking these engagements as they happen!

Tracking indicators such as store locators, or getting directions and reviewing business hours can provide some context around intent. Coupon downloads and redemption can also be a great way to connect online.

Tracking in-store visits through beacons is also a valuable option for retailers that drive a significant volume of traffic through stores.

Also, one of the best methods of tracking site visitors (mobile or not) is to get them into your CRM. If you can help to facilitate conversions in a manner that makes engagement convenient for the consumer, that’s the ideal situation.

Realistically, that might not result in an immediate sale, but if you can capture information that will allow you to track that person through an email address or another unique identifier, you can get a better understanding for how different  points impact the bottom line.

Mobile advertisers need to be able to connect the dots and think outside the box as it applies to mobile’s role in the purchase path. Leaning too heavily on immediate sales isn’t typically the best means of measurement.

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