Learn how a New Jersey managed service provider (MSP) saw a 4x increase in leads through Google Ads after working with CDD’s Google Ads Management. 

The Challenge

This MSP was managing marketing with in-house resources that are pulled in many directions, including client support. Although these are the experts on the subject and industry, there was not enough time for them to focus on managing their Google Ads performance. Marketing an IT services firm requires a strong, ongoing effort to produce results. Due to this, the firm was not being found on Google and overall the MSP was not satisfied with their traffic and lead generation. 

The Solution

This client’s Ads account was not in great shape. There were many advanced features in the Ads platform that they were not utilizing. This included the location settings, ad scheduling features and accurate tracking. Right off the bat CDD adjusted these settings and installed tracking in order to collect data as detailed as possible.

As we collected more data through our campaign, we began to see trends in how we generated leads along with the overall goal completion rate. (If you’re not tracking properly, you can not improve your results)

Certain parts of the geographic area they were targeting more likely to click on our ad and convert into a lead, and as a result, we would increase our bid in those respective areas.

In addition to reallocating our budget in specific cities, we identified various times of the day along with days of the week when leads generated at a higher rate. Therefore, we would reduce spending during time frames where we wouldn’t see high goal completion rates and increase spending during time frames that showed higher ROI.

There was also an SEO aspect involved with assisting this client. When installing the Google tags on their website CDD saw that there were some easy SEO wins that the client was not taking advantage of. This is a really well-known IT company, but their competitors were consistently outranking them on Google. It was easy to see why! The site had little to no SEO enhancement. CDD identified a list of core keywords that would be important to the firm. From there, we created a new blog article every week for an 8 week span. Each blog article focused on a key piece of the firm’s business: Managed IT Services, Cloud Backup Services, Data Backup and Restoration, Firewall Services 

The Results

In only 4 months, website traffic has increased 50% and there has been a 4x increase in leads coming in through the MSP firm’s Google Ads campaign with no increase in daily spend. That’s not all – the MSP firm added a sales lead to their team. Sales and marketing processes are in place using the HubSpot CRM to monitor employee activity with leads and customers, plus see what business is won, lost and measure the ROI. 

With the SEO strategy in place the IT services firm is now ranking on page 1 of Google for five key terms and on their way to rank for more. The client is highly satisfied with our work and recently added paid LinkedIn campaigns to their plan to further amplify content and generate leads.

IT Services and MSPs on Google Ads 

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The implementation of Google Ads proved to be a game-changer for our client’s business. Within just three months of launching the campaign, they experienced significant growth in lead generation and customer acquisition.

– Increased Visibility: The targeted ads helped our client gain prominent visibility among potential customers actively searching for managed service providers.

– Higher Conversion Rates: By optimizing ad copy and landing pages, our client witnessed a substantial increase in conversion rates, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI).

– Expanded Customer Base: The Google Ads campaign attracted a steady stream of qualified leads, enabling our client to expand their customer base and establish long-term partnerships.


This case study highlights the pivotal role that Google Ads plays in transforming the fortunes of managed service providers. By leveraging the power of targeted advertising, our client successfully increased their visibility, attracted more qualified leads, and expanded their customer base. As technology continues to advance, MSPs must embrace digital marketing strategies like Google Ads to stay competitive in an ever-evolving industry.