Call-Specific Campaigns in Google AdWords

These campaigns give you the ability to create search ads where Google shows your phone number rather than a tagline. As such, they only show on mobile devices that you can call from. A shopper clicks on your ad, which starts the process of calling your business directly from their device, rather than taking them to your site.

Why Use This Strategy?

Call-specific campaigns force people to call your number rather than visit your site. If generating more phone calls is higher priority for your business, call-specific campaigns are worth testing.

I Already Use the Ad Extension

A call-specific campaign can use the same number you are using for an ad extension. Sometimes AdWords will automatically put a call extension on your ad. This happens if there is a phone number on your website and you have calls set up as an objective. This type of campaign is different because it eliminates the ability for the user to click through to your website. The only option is to call your business.

How to Set Up Call-Specific Campaigns

The setup for this type of campaign is straightforward. You can create a new campaign from scratch, or you can clone your existing search campaigns and change the ad type. You can replace regular ads with call-specific ads. Google prefers to see individual ad groups with a reasonable amount of impressions at the ad group level. So a small number of ad groups with more keywords in each one will perform better for this type of campaign.