Digital Marketing: Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google AdWords, the marketing program that represents 99% of Alphabet’s profits has a new go-to search advertising format: Google Shopping. Google Shopping is now 53% of overall paid search clicks and 75% of non-branded clicks. (Merkle 2017 Q2 Digital Marketing)

Google Shopping ads are crushing it for two big reasons. Reason one is that they reach consumers lower in the purchase funnel. These are shoppers who already know what they want and are looking to purchase it soon, as in within minutes. Reason two is that they are actually cheaper than regular search text ads.

Google’s RLSA Ads

RLSA stands for Remarketing Lists Search Ads. This is a feature in AdWords that lets marketers build ads that will target previous website visitors. This will look back at the previous 540 days, so marketers can remarket to web visitors who have interacted with a website during that period. As with any other remarketing ads, these use a Google pixel that places a cookie on the consumer’s computer when they visit a website.

Segmenting Time Periods

You can set up your RLSAs to target a particular time period, let’s say you had a sale and want to retarget the visitors who came to your site, you have that option. So if items X and Y were on sale in February and they are going back on sale next week, you can segment your remarketing list so that you are only targeting the segment that came to your site during the previous sale period. You also have the option to create a running list of users, so your retargeting list doesn’t stop growing.

Segmenting User Behavior

You can also segment your RLSAs by user behavior. For example, you can create an “Abandoned Shopping Cart” list. This will help you customize your ads so they are relevant to your audience. (Amazon utilizes this strategy extremely well.)

Building out segmented consumer retargeting lists should be a priority for every retailer doing business online. Ultimately, the objective of a Google Shopping, as with any other digital campaign, should be to serve the right product to the right consumer at the right time. 

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