PPC and SEO Case Studies

If you’re a startup business with a small budget, you might be tempted to rely heavily on search engine optimization (SEO) to market your website. You might believe that per-per-click (PPC) advertising could be worth the expense, or you might be considering doing both SEO and PPC as part of your  overall marketing plan. PPC and SEO each represent one half of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but how do you decide which half is most effective for your business? Let’s take a look at some case studies, and then hone in on the approach that’ll lead to quicker results. Don’t Settle For Mediocre PPC Management. Work With The Best



PPC-SEO Case Study #1: Mortgage Lender

In a case study involving a mortgage lender, which is a highly competitive space, PPC was infused into the marketing plans by CDD. We linked one of four landing pages to PPC campaigns. With subtle differences in website design, goal completion rates varied. With  A/B and multi-variant testing, we found that copy for “Combination 4” performed best and completed set goals at a rate of 16.8%.

Without monitoring and testing these two campaigns, our client wouldn’t have known which landing page would have worked at all. CDD also found that using medium and long-tail keyword phrases cost less per click because these phrases don’t generate as much traffic. Creating a cost-effective campaign, for them, involved researching which keywords were most competitive and avoiding those that had inflated bids, driven up by other companies in their industry.

PPC ads for this mortgage company ran for two months. Their top-performing ad had 383 clicks and generated 62 leads. It cost the client $9.62 per lead.

Carl De Lucia PPC Google AdWords Leader

From these results, CDD strongly suggests testing ad campaigns, copy, and keywords to increase goal completion rates and decrease the cost of a lead. From this experiment, we concluded that it was more cost effective to balance their use of PPC ads in the short-term and SEO for long-term marketing efforts.

PPC Case Study #2: Local Contractor

A local contractor contacted us to help increase traffic to their website. Instead of linking PPC ads to their listings in a directory page, their objective was to send traffic to a customized landing page using targeted keywords. They also incorporated SEO into their marketing plan by using CDD to optimize product pages and create improved landing pages with contact forms. Paid search led to a goal completion rate of more than 14% while completions from organic search reached 5.25%. The lesson here is that you can have great a great PPC strategy and a great website, but if your landing pages are only so-so, you will only have a so-so campaign.

Carl De Lucia PPC Google AdWords Leader

Combined, this local contractor experienced a 325% increase in traffic to their website, and their goal of obtaining qualified leads was achieved. By the 30th day of their campaign, our client had 105 leads at a cost of $7.47 per lead. The projects they won through PPC advertising were worth an estimated $37,400. The client  spent $784.35 on their AdWords account. That’s some serious ROI. If you aren’t seeing ROI from your AdWords campaigns, it’s not your brand, it’s your PPC / SEO strategy. Contact CDD today to move your business forward.